Friday, May 2, 2008

Back on the Tandem

Almost 4 months to the day from my accident, my stoker and I took a short, tentative ride on the Seavo. I haven't ridden it since my fall since I haven't been able to. The captain on this bike sits high off the ground and the bottom bracket is higher. I've commented here before about the incredible speed with which muscles atrophy from disuse. When I came home from the hospital after just 5 days in bed, I was utterly unable to lift my leg while lying in my own bed. I have memories of my in home therapist working with me for a couple of weeks before I could get it even an inch off the bed. That's been steadily improving over the past weeks and months with rehab.
The first bike I rode after the accident was the Tour Easy. Even with the low bottom bracket, it was a bit tricky to get the bike going. From there I worked up to the V2 and now the V2 Formula. The Seavo, however, has been my Mt. Everest on the road back from my accident. I sat on it about a month ago and found it impossible to lift my right leg high enough to pedal. Tonight, however, it was different. After seeing that I could now control my leg and get it up to the pedals, we slowly pushed off.
It only took a couple of miles for me to remember how much I love this bike. I had forgotten how stable, fast and quiet it is and how comfortable the cockpit is. It was like coming home.
I'm back tandeming and loving it. Thanks, Liz, for getting back on the stoker seat.