Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fulshear Saturday

We had a large group this Saturday: Jim, Robert, Robert's friend, Ben, Danny, John, Henry, David, Ken and Pat. This was a beautiful ride, as always, but my speed and endurance were disappointing to say the least. Once again I managed to keep the group in sight most of the time, but I suspect some of my fellow riders were being charitable. I'm really not sure if it's my leg or my new bike. I'm going to try some faster tires for my next ride and see if it makes a difference. Right now I'm on 26 x 1.5's, not exactly greyhound tires.

Fulshear and the surrounding area are growing rapidly. There are new subdivisions sprouting west and east of town and now to the south. I wonder how long it will be before we have to find a new quiet place to ride. We are encountering more and more traffic these days.

John and Jim weren't speaking for some reason.
We had an extended break in Fulshear after riding 20 miles on Bois D'Arc. Pat had some chain problems at our first break point and somehow we all pulled out without noticing he wasn't with us. He made it back to Fulshear where we were waiting and then we all (sans Ben and Henry) shoved off for the Polo Fields.

Ben dropped me easily on his Actionbent trike.