Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Back to Back Tandem

My friend Uwe Anderseck and his son Martin attended Spezi 2010 in Germersheim and wrote me the other day about the new back to back tandem to be produced by Zox in the near future. Martin snapped these pictures:

Captain power is conventional twisting chain with tubing to protect against chain rub. Rear drive appears to be a simple reversing chain with more tubing to protect against rub. While the stoker has a full set of gears in back, there are no handlebars, just a pair of grips on either side at hip level.
The bike will be offered in three frame sizes.
The bike weighs 55 pounds and is a little over 9 feet long. Bottom bracket height is 23 inches and seat height is 15inches, exactly the same as my Barcroft. The seats appear to be stock Zox seats. The bike rides on two 20 inch wheels.
Like all other Zox bikes I've seen, the frame is a monotube. Unfortunately, that means it will probably not break down for transport like my Barcroft or the Flevo BTB. It does appear to have a mid-tube kick stand. That's a nice touch as I could never find a spot to add one to the Barcroft. The seat recline angle looks like it's going to be limited to a fairly upright angle. That's too bad, because that's going to limit speed.
According to Sergio Gomez at Zox, the bike will retail for about $5265. You're probably going to have to add shipping from Germany on top of that, so this is a rather pricey bike.
I can't wait to try this bike out!