Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Return to Normal

Aimee and I logged a great 20 mile ride at Memorial Park last night after work. This was my first chance since getting back on the Seavo to do some real cruising. The Memorial Park Loop is closed to traffic and contains no intersections. This is what I need at this point in my recovery since the most awkward operation for me on the Seavo is getting the bike started (and that operation is improving rapidly as well). We were able to maintain good speed for the whole ride and even passed a few wedgies. I can't wait to get the Seavo back out to Fulshear on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a large group rode in Fulshear this past Saturday. I didn't ride because the winds were pretty strong. As usual Debbie took lots of pictures and I've posted a few of them here:

Debbie and Pat sported new tail socks on their bikes. I'd be interested in figuring out if these add any speed