Tuesday, September 11, 2007


There's nothing like it. Listening to cajun music on KPFT, sipping coffee and watching the sun rise on the way out to Fulshear on Saturday mornings. I feel the cares and stresses of work slipping away the closer my stoker and I get to the City Hall Parking lot. It's my favorite time of the week.

There wasn't much activity on the newsgroup this past week so I was surprised to see the crowd in the parking lot when we pulled up. After getting the bikes unlimbered and set up we decided to do the Frydek Loop. We don't do this one often, but I had forgotten why. I was soon to be reminded. Frydek is a 44 mile loop beginning in Fulshear and then west almost to Wallis. From there the route turns north towards I-10 and the tiny town of Frydek, just south of the freeway. Once north of the freeway and through Sealy, the route gradually bends east to Pattison. From there it's just a few miles south to Brookshire and then back to Fulshear.

Ben has a new Cycle Genius and is significantly faster.

Once out on the road I recalled that the route north of I-10 has no shoulders. To make things worse, the traffic was fairly heavy for a Saturday morning. I don't like riding in traffic and avoid it whenever possible. Most drivers are friendly, but there were a few exceptions this Saturday.

First stop: Frydek station. There are only 3-4 buildings in Frydek and this is one of them. refreshments are available here, but beware the bathrooms. A flush in the Men's Room brings an eruption in the Ladies Room (and vice versa).

Aimee and CH disussed the results of her GRE during the Frydek break.

Brookshire Burger King parking lot. The weather was hot for September. There was very little cloud cover. Aimee and I kept hydrated, but some of the group had problems and sagged in. All in all, it's going to be a long time before I do Frydek again.
My mileage goal for this year is 3000 miles. That may not sound like much to some, but it's alot for me. I managed 2000 miles last year and decided to kick it up a notch this year. 3000 miles is a good goal for me because it is attainable and is just far enough to provide that extra bit of motivation to get me out of bed and on the bike on those mornings when I really don't feel like getting up early, but know that I should. For me, part of the fun of this hobby is setting a goal and measuring my progress to that goal. I enjoy recording the mileage and posting it to BIke Journal. I can't imagine riding without a computer or GPS on my bike to mark the mileage, but that's just me. Coincidentally, I noticed this morning that Jim at "The Little Red Bike" has the same mileage goal this year that I do. I just wish I were as close to retirement as he is.

Miles Saturday: 44.1
Miles Sunday: 32
Miles This Year: 2180
Goal This Year: 3000