Monday, September 3, 2007

Fulshear-Pecan Hill-Simonton-Wallis and Back

Ken picked me up around 7am this morning for our third daily ride in a row this Labor Day Weekend. Although it's pouring outside my study this afternoon, we actually had a little sunshine on the way out to Fulshear this morning. Around 7:35 we had a call from Debbie and Pat who were already at the Fulshear parking lot, waiting for us. Ooops. We had forgotten they were riding with us. There were only a few bikes in Fulshear today, far less that usual.

The four of us set off north to ride the Pecan Hill route. After a short break at P Wall, we headed south to Simonton and Orchard and then west To Wallis. Pat and I watched a long BNSF coal train rumble through town before enjoying the air conditioning and refreshments at Don's Texaco in Wallis. Ken tells me that Don works his Texaco 7 days a week. I know he's been there each and every time I've ever walked in, no matter what day. He must enjoy his work.

The weather was warm, the traffic light and the company great! That will have to hold me until next weekend I guess.

Miles Today: 34.4
Miles This Year: 2080