Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall is Coming

This is the last week of summer. Fall will soon be here and we will see the end of Daylight Savings Time. I know DST has it's opponents, but I enjoy the opportunity to ride a for a couple of hours after work. That window will soon be gone for a few months.

Monday afternoon I snuck out of work a tad early for a quick afternoon ride in the park. Rather than drive home after work to get my bike, I threw it in the back of the truck and brought my bike to work. I can't put the bike on the Draftmaster and take it to work because the rack is too tall to clear the parking garage. I manages to get 25 miles in, but had to quit sooner than I would have liked because the light was failing.

I tried the same tactic yesterday, but with different results. Because of work issues I couldn't get out to the Park until around 6. I pulled the bike out of the truck and got it set up to ride only to find my rear tire flat. Since my riding time was already reduced, I decided that there was little to be gained by changing tubes at the Park. That would leave me with less than an hour to ride. I reloaded the bike and went home.

Saturday we rode in Fulshear as usual. Once again we had quite a crowd. Ken, David, Debbie, Pat, CH and Ben led the pack. We rode south and west to Pecan Grove High School. Weather was perfect with mild temperatures and almost no wind.

Miles This Week: 64.2
Miles This Year: 2286