Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday in Fulshear

My favorite time of the week is here again. Saturday morning means riding in Fulshear. Ken and David are cycling in Florida this weekend, so we had a smaller group than usual. I would have gone to Florida too, but I am set for trial for next two weeks and can't be out of town.

The weather is getting cooler week by week so we've pushed back our start time from 7:30 to 8am. It seemed to work quite well today as the weather was a bit overcast. Debbie, Pat, Ben, Wayne, Jim and CH joined us at the City Hall parking lot this morning for a great ride. When Jim pumped up his tires (or tried to) he noticed that his valve stem was broken off on the front wheel. He still had air pressure but he wisely decided to change out the tube before we started.

Debbie usually rides with an IPod and ear buds but today she was sporting something a little different: Oakley Thumps. These sweet little sunglasses carry a 256MB MP3 player onboard and look pretty stylish too. I'll have to check these out.

Here's adventurous Debbie facing down a turkey on a ride south of Houston several weeks ago.

I didn't post last week, but of course we rode. I love the early morning light as the sun comes up over 1093 and we turn south down Bois D'Arc. I've shot pictures here many many times, but no matter how many times I've done it before, I always feel compelled to try it again.

Brother David is a pickle man now. I think he picked up this annoying habit at the Hotter N' Hell this past August where pickle juice is served at all rest stops. I'm sure it's very healthy but I never could get the hang of it.

Luis made rare appearance last week. Good to see you again!

What can you say about riding in the country? I love it out here when I'm on the bike with my friends. Ken has actually looked at a house out here tucked away in the trees off a little back road. It's tempting to consider, but I'm a city man at heart. There is, after all, more to life than riding. Anyway, Jim and Debbie are working on acquiring a club house for us out here.

This past Sunday my stoker and I got up early and rode to Minute Maid Park where my two daughters were waiting in line to get into the Park early for the 1pm game. This was to be the last regular game of the season and the Astros offered lots of free goodies for the first 10,000 people intoi the stadium. Reagan and Aimee are huge Aastro fans so they were in line with their friends by 7am. I snapped this picture around 8, some three hours before the door opened. Their mission was succesful and the wait paid off. They got autographs from several Astros including Craig Biggio who played his last game. From Minute Maid we rode east through downtown and then through River Oaks. We stopped for breakfast at Le Madelaine and ended up back at my house with 25 miles. I should have taken lots of pictures.
Miles Today: 42
Miles This Year: 2513