Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Seavo is back and none too soon. Matt over at Planetary Cycles called to say that the new parts were in. It only took me half an hour to put the new parts on and get the bike rideable again. We'll give it a test ride tonight.

The Hotter N'Hell is coming up on Saturday and Aimee and I plan to ride the Seavo. We've never taken a tandem to this ride so we're excited. The Seavo lets us cruise faster than on the old Screamer. We're looking for some faster times on the ride so we can beat the heat. There's more good news. The weather for the ride looks mild compared to past years: temps in the low 90's, cloud cover and very little wind. We had been planning on the 50 but we may have to lengthen our stride to the metric century now. We'll see.