Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Memorial Park - Tuesday

This will be our last practice ride before the HHH on Saturday. The stoker seat is back together is feels and looks fine. No worries there. The weather at Wichita Falls continues to look good and we might do the metric century if all goes well.

One of the things I love about the Seavo is it's stability. The 26" front wheel makes for a very stable and smooth ride. The stoker on this bike, and for all recumbent tandems for that matter, is free to eat, pass the water to the captain, navigate or, as here, take or make phone calls.

There were lots of uprights at the Park tonight. We kept up with several of them and even dropped a few. Marco joined us at our first rest stop. I'm still hoping to get him out to Fushear one of these Saturday mornings.

After we finished 25 miles and headed back to the truck I noticed that my seat seemed unstable. Closer examination showed that the captain seat support bracket had failed. I'm ordering a new one, of course, but it will not be here in time for the HHH. I've brought the bracket to Danny at Cycle Genius in hopes that a temporary welding repair can be made sometime in the next few days.