Saturday, August 18, 2007


A new rider joined us this morning for the Fulshear ride. Ben rides a Tadpole Trike. He's just breaking it in. Ben, we hope you join us again.

Chicken Man, Big Ring and Ken discuss the route for the morning's ride.

Aimee and CH climb the gentle rise to Bois D'Arc.

Ken, Ben and Aimee on Bois D'Arc.
Jim, Ken, and Aimee chatting during our 12 mile break at the Shell station.
Debbie at the Shell station.
Stay tuned for the Russian New Year's bash at the Jim's house!

Yours truly and Jim.

Aimee and CH on the Polo Fields route. CH and Keith took off together at the begining of the ride. We never saw Keith again but CH rejoined us at P Wall.

Group lunch at Cue's after the ride. Our favorite after ride haunt, Wings and Things, has closed (sob). One of the things I like best about this group is the good friends I've made.