Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fog Ride

Contrasted to last week's cold rain ride, we had a crowd in Fulshear this past Saturday. First of all, my friends from Austin, Phillip and Frances, brought their new Seavo down for a run with us. It's a beautiful build from Hostle Shoppe. In addition, Marty, his friend Harry, Ben, Steve, Danny, Debbie and Pat also showed up. We've had some pretty thin ranks so far this year, but as the weather improves that seems to be changing.

The fog in Fulshear on Saturday morning was as think as I've ever seen it. We decided to stay off the main roads until the sun made an appearance.

Once the fog was gone we headed up to Fulshear with a nice tailwind and then back south to the parking lot into the wind. This gave me a chance to really let the Oregon loose. Like most low racers, this bike loves a headwind. I was able to easily drop the entire group, including Harry on his DF. I love this bike!

Thanks to Deb for the pictures.