Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Tandem Link

Liz and I along with one of our bikes recently showed up in The Tandem Link, a helpful compendium of tandem links and frequent blog posts by TandemGeek who is also a poster at Bike Forums. I put up a couple of pictures of the Flevo on Bike Forums and TandemGeek picked us up in his recent update to the Tandem Link:

"Back-to-back recumbent tandems - OK, let me confess that I'm not the most open-minded guy when it comes to everything cycling. I'm something of a traditionalist who eschews things like "Critical Mass" as well as the transient cults and fads that seem to comprise a small segment of the cycling community. Recumbents have always been something that I've had more or less a passing curiosity in as they do appear to have their merits, particularly for folks who might not not otherwise be able or have any desire to ride a "wedgie" (aka, an upright bicycle with a saddle wedged into your tweeners). However, someone's going to have to help me out with the back-to-back recumbents. I think the first one I ever saw was a variation of the Opus Counterpoint called the "Waltz" that added a third rider facing backwards in a recumbent posture and, well, Ok that really was weird. Of late, I've seen several others including one couple from Texas who has a Barcroft and a Flavo and more recently a home-built showed up in the news that you can see HERE. I recently joked to the Flavo owners... so, are you coming or going when they posted this photo to one of the forums I frequent. Hey, as long as you're riding together, that's all that matters since it really doesn't matter what you're riding so long as you ride!!"

I think the last sentence sums up my philosophy nicely. If the only bike available to me was a wedgie I'm sure I'd ride it. The fact is, however, that Liz I are fortunate enough to have a choice and we choose to ride in perfect comfort on a fast back to back machine, drafting almost perfectly on each other, each enjoying a wide angle unobstructed view. At the end of every ride we've made lots of new friends and, best of all, we feel great. We may be tired, but we aren't numb, sore or aching. How can you beat that?