Monday, December 22, 2008

A Short Ride in Fulshear

Liz and I pulled ourselves out of bed Saturday morning and drove out to Fulshear for our usual Saturday ride. It was a pretty close call between that and staying in bed, but I wanted the mileage. After I broke my femur in January I set a goal of 2500 miles this year. I don't know if I'll get there, but I'm fairly close so far and decided to keep it going. Danny, George, Jim and the two of us on the Flevo decided on the neighborhood ride. The winds were forecast to be fairly strong and this out and back ride provides some cover and a nice tailwind finish.

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I've had consistent rubbing noise from the rear fender on the Flevo ever since I bought it about a year ago. There is no bolt or screw solidly attaching it to the frame. Consequently it can slide 2-3 inches around the wheel in either direction. I can adjust it at home but somehow it always ends up moving again. Danny had a look at it at our 16 mile break point and confirmed what I already knew: no amount of adjusting is going to fix the problem without a hard attachment to the frame. So I took the fender off.

On any other bike, storing the fender for the trip home might be a problem. Not so on the Flevo. The space between the back to back seats provides plenty of storage space. It was no trouble at all to sling the fender and be on our way.

The skies were overcast for the whole ride and we had a sprinkling of rain, but nothing serious. We saw plenty of DF riders along the way. The ride was followed by another great lunch at Blake's.