Monday, August 18, 2008

Fulshear Weekend

This is the last weekend before the Hotter N' Hell 100 in Wichita Falls next Saturday so all of us were intent on getting a good long ride or two to warm up for the big ride. Liz and I trailered the Flevo out to Fulshear for what we thought would be a 50 mile+ ride this past Saturday morning. It was not to be. As soon as we mounted up and shoved off I heard an odd noise coming from the front wheel and got off to check it out. My heart sank when I saw the problem...a broken spoke. Master builder and mechanic Danny was with us and said he could save the ride for us by removing the broken spoke and retruing the wheel. Alas, we had no spoke wrench so the ride was over for us before it began. Lesson learned. After getting the broken spoke replaced, I bought a couple of extra spokes and added a spoke wrench to our tool kit.

Aimee and I got 30 miles in today with Liz, David and Joni. We sighted Ken and Mary Ellen on their tandem trike. I'm going to try and ride some more this week.

Below are a few of Debbie's pics from Saturday's ride: