Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Ride Back

The weather was so fabulous this afternoon that I decided to take it off and see if I could pedal the Tour Easy around the neighborhood. I've put in some miles on the V2 on the trainer and on the recumbent machine at rehab and my leg feels fine. The problem with the V2, at least right now, is the high bottom bracket. I don't quite have my full strength back and it takes a bit of an effort to get my foot up to the pedals. The Tour Easy doesn't present any of these issues. I can get my feet to the pedals and I can get on and off the bike with ease.
So, with a little anxiety and a watchful sag driver behind me, I pushed off down the street. I needn't have worried. The bike felt stable and comfortable and the wind and sun in my face was wonderful. Bad weather is moving in tomorrow, but I will be out at Fulshear on Saturday to try it again.