Thursday, February 21, 2008

Up and Running

No, I'm not back on the bike yet, but I am walking. I saw the doc on Monday and he said everything looks as good as it could for six weeks post surgery. He says the fracture is 80% healed now and I can go to full weight bearing. Boy, that was music to my ears! As soon as I got home I started putting more weight on the leg while using the walker. That sure made things easier. On Tuesday my therapist, Tracey, came and told me it was time to start walking! I was soon hobbling around with just one crutch! It felt great! I am a bit wobbly, but there is no pain from the fracture site. Only now do I realize just how awkward the walker was. We've been able to put back all the furniture we had moved around in the house to make it walker accessible. Also, all the doors we removed have been put back on their hinges.

This afternoon I fired up the trainer on my V2 and pedaled a few miles under the watchful eye of my stoker. I was very relieved to find that I could pedal without any pain from my hip or the surgery site. I did have a few twinges in my knee, but I figure that's just from disuse. So, finally I can start getting ready to ride again.