Friday, February 8, 2008

Progress Report

My friends and family have been great during this healing time. My daughters, girlfriend and Mom have been patient caretakers. We've had several dinner-domino parties and my friends have taken me on several outings. My spirits are high as I near the time I can go to full weight bearing.

I'm four and a half weeks post surgery and I continue to make slow, steady progress. I used to dread the arrival of Tracey, my home therapist because the exercises were difficult and a little uncomfortable. Now I look forward to physical therapy. The exercises aren't painful anymore and when I've finished I feel like I've had a good workout. Uppermost in my mind while I'm working out is the fact that I want to walk again soon and these exercises are a step in that direction.

I haven't used my pain meds in a week and a half and I have very little pain. The problem area for me now is sleeping. I am a side sleeper all my life, but sleeping on my side is probably the most uncomfortable position for me since my injury. I can sleep on my back or my stomach without pain, but those positions just don't feel right. The first couple of weeks after the surgery I couldn't get on either side at all. Lately I've been able to roll onto either side, but it's not really comfortable. Anyway, sleeping on my side has been improving very slowly and I am hopeful that I will eventually be able to sleep as I used to. I'll never take a good night's sleep for granted again.

Speaking of progress, I drove to work yesterday by myself for the first time. If I were a "one foot" driver like most people I wouldn't have tried it, but I have been a "two foot" driver all my life. Right foot brake and left foot on the accelerator. Once at work, I parked in the handicapped spot, got out and sidled on one foot to the back of the Tahoe where I removed the folded wheechair. I had a work mate meet me in the garage in case there was any problem, but there wasn't.

I'm getting better every day.