Saturday, August 4, 2007


I haven't been able to ride in Fulshear for two weeks so getting back out there this morning was a real treat. Joining me and Aimee were Ken, David, Jim, Wayne, CH and Don who has not ridden with us before. Don rides a Vision. The weather for this time of year was ideal: clear to partly cloudy, gentle winds and not too hot. Starting at 7:30am helps too. Wayne has upgraded from his old Bike E to a Bacchettta, with predictable results. He's alot faster now. Scuba Vic wasn't there. I understand from David and Ken that Vic had an unfortunate accident befall his bike last Saturday (when he wasn't on it).

Aimee and I got off to a bad start. Since we transport the Seavo by a Draftmaster bike rack on the back of my Tahoe, it's neceessary to take the front wheel off. Before each ride I always check both wheels to be sure each one is properly seated on the bike and spinning freely. I didn't do it this morning. There isn't much tolerance for error with my Avid mechanical disc brakes. If the wheel isn't right where it's supposed to be, one of the brake pads will rub the rotor and slow the bike down. This morning the bike felt slow, but I wrote it off to the fact that Aimee has been sick this week. At our first 10 mile break with the bike up on the bipod kickstand, I spun the rear wheel without even thinking about it. It didn't spin much at all. The wheel was not properly seated and Aim and I had been riding the first 10 miles of the ride against the back brake. We were much faster after I fixed the problem :o).
There was a light mist on the road for the first couple of hours of the ride. Don and CH pulled ahead from the start and we were not to see them again for the rest of the day.

Aimee, Ken, Chicken Man Jim and Enron Wayne at the first rest stop halfway between Fulshear and Rosenberg. From here we pushed east to the elementary school in Pecan Grove. On the way we spotted a pair of emu's.
We made it back to the parking lot in Fulshear by 11. There we met Pat and Debbie who were just getting ready to ride on their Easy Racers. They haven't ridden with us before but maybe they can join us in the future. Starting this late in the day they're going to be in for some brutal heat.