Friday, May 22, 2009


It's been a few weeks since my last post. The Flevo is gone and I'm down to just two tandems now. I had been looking at the Longbikes Jetstream to replace the Flevo, but decided that the high price tag of the bike, though perhaps justified by the quality of the bike, was not worth it to me since it would not result in a significant improvement in performance over the Seavo. The fact is that I love speed. That's the real reason I sold the Screamer, the V2, and the V2 Formula 26. Each bike I've purchased has been faster than the last. That's not an uncommon evolution for cyclists. So, I'm not going to buy a Jetstream.

That brings me to the Nocom.

I didn't know much about this bike until I saw a "for sale" posting for one on BentRiderOnline. I was taken by it's beauty and the feeling the bike was in motion when it was standing still. The price was excellent, but I was about an inch too short to fit the bike. Having done a little research, however, I was hooked. Now I just have to find the cash to get one.