Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flevo for Sale?

Since I got my Barcroft back to back tandem, Liz and I haven't ridden the Flevo back to back as much as we used to. It's not that we don't enjoy it immensely when we ride it. We do. It's not that it isn't a great bike. It is. It's just that since we got the Barcroft Liz decided to start clipping in. She felt more comfortable doing this on the Barcroft since it's so low to the ground. She's closer to the pavement and I can hold her up easily on the Barcroft when we stop. Eventually she gained the confidence to clip in on the Flevo too, but for some reason, she always felt more comfortable on the Barcroft.

Liz had a hip replacement last month from a non-biking fall. She's talked to the doctor about getting back on the bike and he gave her the okay. She worries, though, about breaking the other hip in a bike fall. Given her additional comfort level on the Barcroft it seems unlikely that she'll ever get back on the Flevo, at least not any time soon. A bike like this needs to be out on the road, not hanging in my garage. I'm thinking about selling it.