Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Amazing Bikes of Axel Ewen (Part 1)

Several weeks ago I posted a picture of this bike and asked about the storage bag. First I got a reply from Craig and Vicky with pictures and info on their tandem trike. This weekend I received an interesting letter from Axel Ewen who actually built this Flevo back to back:

The "Flevo"B2B with the yellow bags on your page is made by me. I made the bags too. There is a zipper under a water resistant flap .There is enough space for camping gear for 2 people. If we use it for traveling, we put a daypack or, better yet, a sleeping bag on top of the yellow bag.

The steel frame parts are made by chrom moly. Some friends tried to copy my idea to configure the rear chain without pulleys, but it didn´t work, because of the a small difference in the stock Flevo rear wheel mount. (Axel is right. I never noticed it before but if you look at the original picture I posted of his Flevo you will see that the rear chain reverses without pulleys!)

I am not realy happy with this bike. There is a lot of conversation nessesary, because of the independant cadence.

The suspension can only catch the half of the bumps, so it needs 26"wheels, to give more comfort. For people like me with short legs, a frame on 20" wheels gives better ground control and feels much stiffer and safer.

Axel has sent me information on his other amazing bikes and I will be posting them here soon.