Sunday, January 18, 2009

My New Bike

Jim and I met Ben for the ride Saturday in Fulshear. We haven't had large groups lately. I guess that's because of the weather.

We found some DF ride was already getting started when we got there at 7:30. The parking lot was full. I mean absolutely full. There were so many wedgies getting ready to push off that I couldn't even get into the lot. We checked the other side of City Hall and there was no parking there either. We finally parked and set up behind the new strip mall opposite the Shell station. Ben found us by cell phone.

After a wonderful high speed run with Liz on the XBike last weekend, I found yesterday that I couldn't cruise the V2 faster than about 12mph. It was hell and I can't blame the bike. I'm simply not used to the relatively low bottom bracket on this bike anymore. Jim pulled way ahead of us for the whole ride. After this last year or two I never thought I would see the back of Jim's bike again. Shame! The whole ride, between gasps for air, I kept bitching to Ben, "I'm never riding this bike again!" "I'm putting this thing on Craigslist this very afternoon!" "If I get $500 for this thing I'll throw a party!"

I thought about turning around and waiting at the truck, but somehow managed to struggle up to Brookshire and back through Polo Fields with Ben and Jim. Conversation was limited as I was mostly too winded to speak and pedal at the same time.

Back at the parking lot after 25 miles, Ben disappeared. Jim spotted him making multiple withdrawals at the ATM across the street. He walked back over and stuck $400 in my hand and said, "Deal?" I told him I wanted to keep my Rans seat bag, but otherwise the bike was his. We dropped it off at his house on the way home. We also got to meet Mrs. Ben.

The V2 has been a good bike for me for the last few years, but that was BB (Before Barcroft)

I've decided I'm tired of changing bikes and having to get used to different pedaling positions. So, I'm ordering a new Barcroft Oregon from Bill Cook. He has one frame in stock so I'm just in time. His back to back tandem has changed my feelings about small wheels and low racers. I'm very comfortable in the cockpit of the tandem and I remembered what Bill told me about it's cockpit basically being that of the Oregon. It is, in most respects, a clone of the Barcroft back to back, except that I can enjoy all the speed and comfort without having to round up a stoker.

So, I had quite a Saturday. I cleared some space in the garage and got a down payment on the Barcroft Oregon.