Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Ride of the Year

After hearing my friend Crawford talk about his rides in River Oaks on the way home from work, I decided to go out and try the route a couple of days ago. With Crawford's emailed map in hand I parked at the intersection of Lazy lane and Kirby Drive. I expected to see "No Parking" signs here, but there were none so I pulled over on Lazy lane and unlimbered the bike. I took the Seavo for this trip since it has 1.50 tires and can handle rough pavement a bit better than my other tandems. We shoved off and it seemed that we made the first 5 mile loop in no time at all. There are speed bumps along the route but the Seavo handled them with ease. On this particular day, the Saturday after Christmas, the neighborhood was full of huge garbage trucks and power company trucks so we had to slow frequently. Nevertheless, we quickly made three loops and then reluctantly racked the bike since I had errands to run. This route is safe for the Flevo and I'll use it next time I ride here. I liked this route and will use it next year to add miles on the way home from work.

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