Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to the Flevo

After logging a few hundred miles on the Barcroft back to back, Liz and I decided to get a few more miles on the Flevo for comparison purposes. We haven't ridden the Flevo in a few weeks so we did a few short refamiliarization rides before heading out to Fulshear this past Saturday. We were joined by Ken, Danny, George, Marty and his friend Harry on a DF. It was chilly and a healthy wind was blowing.

Liz has been clipping in as tail gunner on the Barcroft. That bike is low so it's pretty easy to hold her up for starting and stopping while she's clipped in. She prefers clipping in now and decided to give it a try on the Flevo. The Flevo is higher and much longer so I wondered how much of a challenge it would be to balance Liz while she was clipped in. In fact, it wasn't much of a problem at all. Thanks to our practice on the Barcroft B2B, we were able to push off on the Flevo with Liz already clipped. We didn't have one false start all day.

The cool temps and the northerly wind made for a chilly ride. I had my windbreaker on, but I neglected to use my gloves. They were in the pockets of my windbreaker, but I took them out and stowed them in the truck before we left the parking lot. Big mistake!

I'd forgotten how much the Flevo likes headwinds. Pushing north on 359 and later on 1489, we pulled away from everyone with ease. It makes me wonder what this bike could do with fairings between the riders or perhaps a nose fairing. I had some discussion with Karl at Zzipper a few months ago about a custom fairing. I think I'll explore that option further.

We only logged 30 miles. Liz and I felt great and could have gone further. We decamped with the rest of the crew, however, so as not to miss the group lunch at Blake's, the best burger joint in town, in my humble opinion. I don't know what makes them so good, but they are unbeatable.