Monday, October 13, 2008

A City Ride

The older I get, the more conservative I've become in my riding. Since my accident in January I've avoided riding in wet conditions and have been extremely cautious going over railroad tracks. I've never liked riding in traffic, but the last few years I've avoided it almost all together. When I bought my first recumbent, my Tour Easy, I hooked up with other riders for an in town ride. Looking back at the traffic and potholes we braved I can only marvel and shake my head. I'd never consider such a ride these days. So, when my stoker suggested that we ride through town over to some freinds house for morning coffee I was dubious. Nevertheless, the weather for Sunday was forecast as cool and still. I figured if we rose early we could miss most of the traffic. Using lightly traveled side roads we could try to avoid most of the bumps and potholes.

We shoved off around 7:45 and headed for Hermann Park and then up to the Museum District. Traffic was indeed very light. We were able to cruise through usually busy intersections without stopping. Within 45 minutes we were sipping coffee on the porch of our friends house. After this delightful break we pushed off for Rice Village for breakfast at La Madelaine. More coffee, great food and the Sunday paper. This city ride was growing on me.

After breakfast we turned west again and pointed the bike back towards the house. We meandered through West University and Bellaire, enjoying the view. Lots of people were out walkng, picking up the paper or tending to their yards. Most all of them smiled or waved when they saw us roll by on our our tandem.

The Seavo is the ideal tandem for this type of ride. It's 1.5" tires glide over ruts, bumps and gravel without much trouble. It's steady and stable even at the slower cruising speeds we use on these city streets.

We ended up with 20 miles although we hardly ever looked down at the computer. The quiet morning city sights were our entertainment. What a way to start a Sunday!