Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Post Ike Ride

This past Saturday saw our first look at Fulshear and the surrounding area after the hurricane. Gas is becoming more available in Houston by the day so none of us were too worried about burning the fuel for the 60 mile round trip ride to Fulshear. Frankly, I did not know what to expect. I packed an extra tube in addition the the two tubes I ordinarily carry. I was fully prepared to find roads blocked by trees and littered with other hazards. I needn't have worried.

While many trees, including some really huge ones, were down, none of them were blocking the roads. Most of the fallen trees had already been cut up and were awaiting pick up and disposal. We saw several burning brush piles in the fields we passed. This is apparently a quicker disposal method than waiting for pick up. On the whole though, the roads were just as they've always been: smooth, quiet and free of debris. Not a single flat in the group for the whole ride.

My stoker was glad to get back on the road.

Our pack consisted of me and Liz on the Seavo, Danny, Ken, George, Jim and Wayne. We rode the "neighborhood" route. 38 miles in all.

Most of the large trees that succumbed to the storm were hollow at their core, like these above. This must be some disease process and, no doubt, contributed to their demise.