Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Paul's New Tandem

I've been following the construction of Paul's new semi-recumbent tandem for a few months now. He bought the one of a kind frame on ebay and then went to work. He ordered some of the parts and fabricated others. This past weekend I convinced him to bring it out to Fulshear for a demo ride. The first surprise was when he pulled up in his car with no bike rack. I thought maybe he had forgotten the bike or had decided just to come out and watch the ride. In fact, he had tucked the whole bike in his trunk. That has to be a first for a tandem and a two door!

I met Paul and Cyndy when they rode the Tour D' Houston earlier this year. They had rented and EZ Tandem but had no way to get it to and from the ride. I was recovering from my broken femur. I could drive and hobble around, but I wasn't riding yet so I volunteered the Tahoe and Draftmaster to transport them. They completed the ride, but Paul wasn't crazy about the EZ Tandem. Later he tried out my Seavo. Eventually he settled on the semi-recumbent configuration. After looking at the Bilenky and the Harmony tandems he decided to build his own. This is the result.

Ken, David, Wayne and Marty joined us for the ride.