Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Ride Today - Closed for Ike

I'm writing this morning from Conroe, 50 miles north of Houston. We are sheltering at a friends house. There is no power here. We have a generator so we have coffee, radio and some lights. I'm typing on a laptop running on batteries. When we came here Wednesday it was on the assumption that moving this far north would afford a little protection, but that was a vain hope. Just outside the patio I can see a huge oak tree that came down during the night. It landed on and crushed our neighbor's garage and three cars. It could have been alot worse. The radio is telling us that the Houston water supply may be contaminated and that water should be boiled. Fortunately, I have alot of bottled water laid back.

My daughters remained in Houston and they have texted me that they are fine.

With any luck we'll be back on the road in Fulshear next weekend. Stay tuned.