Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Seavo Travel Case

When Aimee and I did the Oklahoma Freewheel last year we looked high and low for a container to ship the Seavo back to the start point of the ride. I found a cardboard box designed for DF's and was told the Seavo would probably fit it, but I decided not to take a chance. In the end, my GF stayed for the whole ride and followed us each day.

Now Angletech has listed a Seavo travel case:

According to Angletech:
Designed for the Rans Seavo TR tandem, the Angletech Seavo TR Transit case is meticulously hand made and designed to protect your Seavo TR in your travels on the planet.
An attractive Tuba case look, the Angletech Rans Seavo TR Transit case features heavy duty Cordura fabric outside with ballistic nylon in areas of greater impact. A solid floor with fork anchor, removable casters to roll your Case along in the airport with detachable pulls for maneuvering. Nice rubber external handles, business card/ID sleeve, and large shipping document sleeve. An assortment of protective envelopes for your seats, wheels, handlebars, and S&S Coupler sections. Sacks for pedals, chain, casters. This semi hard case design is fully padded and lined w/ reinforced zones like the rigid floor, yielding a more stowable case at your destination. This philosophy of Transit Case design has proven less likely to be tossed or buried at the bottom of the stack.
Dimensions: 57" long, 16" wide, 27" high.
Due to the hand made nature of this item, allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.