Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fulshear Saturday

Only three of us rode in Fulshear yesterday: Danny, Jim and me. I loaded the truck Friday night so I could sleep until 5:30 Saturday morning. I picked up Danny and Jim as planned and we were unloaded and set up in Fulshear by 7am. Danny and I rode the Flevo. He brought a pedal wrench and installed his own stoker pedals so that he could clip in. Brave soul.

We had a surprise visit from John Bosco in the parking lot. Jim had a flat before we got started. I happened to have a tube that fit and Danny did the repairs. We shoved off. By the time we got to the Shell station in Fulshear John had a flat too. Damn. Unbeknownst to us he did not have a tube that fit and ended up going home without riding. See you next time John.

This is probably the best run I've had on the Flevo. The bike ran smoothly. Danny and I pushed up into the high 20's several times and cruised comfortably at 20 for extended periods.

One thing I've figured out about Danny on this ride: the title of stoker doesn't really apply to him. I would say he's actually more of a co-captian from the back seat. All of Danny's advice, however, was top notch and I learned from him on this ride.

Total miles Saturday: 41.6
Total Miles This Year: 854.3
2008 Goal: 2500 (It's still doable if I start bike commuting.)