Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring has Sprung

The wildflowers are blooming in Fulshear this weekend so I guess that means spring has officially arrived at our favorite riding spot. Liz and I loaded the biked early this morning and met Ken, Danny, Jim, Orin, Debbie and Pat for a ride in Fulshear. This was my first trip there since my broken femur and I was excited to be going. We had a little drizzle on and off during the half hour ride to the Park and Ride lot, but I was undeterred. As long as the roads were dry where we planned to ride it was still a "go" for me. I'm still not ready for the traffic in Fulshear so, after stopping at the lot to say howdy to the gang, Liz and I drove back into the country back roads to unload the bikes and get a few miles in. Unfortunately, the roads were still wet. Reluctantly, we decided not to ride, at least in Fulshear, today.

The rest of the crew did ride and Teambent photographer Debbie forwarded these shots. Left to right: Jim, Orin, Ken, Danny and Pat at P Wall.

Ken's beautiful carbon fiber Bacchetta.

Danny, one of the owners of Cycle Genius, designed and built this beauty. It's a prototype right now. I haven't ridden it, but it's so stable I've watched Danny ride it a mile or two with his hands laced behind his head.

After Liz and I got back to town we hooked up with Paul and Cyndy who had been wanting to try my Seavo. Their prior experience on a tandem was a ride on a rented EZ Tandem. We saddled them up on my Seavo while Liz and I rode chase on singles. They seemed to like the bike and I think Paul may be in the market for a tandem recumbent soon. I managed to get 10 miles in, which is a good thing.