Monday, December 24, 2007

Learning Curve

Riding a tandem requires cooperation and communication between captain and stoker. Starting, stopping, turning, slowing all require a coordination of purpose. The same is true, of course, on the Flevo, but more so and sometimes with a twist. Since the stoker has no forward view, I'm particularly careful to announce what's ahead and what we'll be doing with the bike. Turns on the Flevo can be unnerving for the stoker who doesn't know they're coming. That's almost intuitive. What I did not anticipate was that from the stoker position riding backwards, all directions are reversed. When I announce a left turn, the stoker facing backwards feels the bike lean and turn to his/her right. This can be disconcerting, but is easily overcome with experience.

Although I use a headset intercom on the Seavo and Screamer, none is necessary on the Flevo, for obvious reasons.