Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fulshear Fog

This past Saturday we only had three bikes on the weekly ride: Ken, Jim and Aimee and me on the Seavo. Yesterday we were down to two: me and Ken. I had no stoker so I rode my venerable V2. I've been riding in Fulshear for years now and the fog we saw on the way out was the thickest I've have ever seen. Neither Ken nor I had taillights on our bikes (I have one on the Seavo which I ride 90% of the time, but nothing on the V2) so we decided that the fog was just too thick to take a chance on anything but the back country lanes where there would be virtualy no traffic. We parked back in the Polo Fields and managed to get 41 miles in before noon. The fog stayed thick until around 10am. Amazing.

I'm at 2940 miles today and have hopes of getting past 3000 miles this week. I'm off until Monday. If I manage 3000 miles before then, I think I'll aim for 3500 miles for the year.

Happy Thanksgiving!