Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fulshear - New Friends

Another great ride this morning with Ken, Aimee, Wayne and two new friends, Debbie and Pat. It was a great day for a ride. We started at 7:30 under clear skies and headed north to P Wall. From there we wound our way north to Brookshire. We followed the same route back and ended up with 37 miles. CH was out and about, but we never sighted each other.
Debbie and Pat both work at the Med Center. They ride a pair of gorgeous Easy Racers and are both in great shape.

Wayne is so much faster on his new bike. Ken is the only person I know who is just as fast on his Windcheetah as on his bent. He flies on that trike!

Debbie, Wayne and Aimee are looking at a powered hang glider landing in a field to our left. There is always so much to see out here.

Aimee is petting donkeys near P Wall. It's this love of animals that decided her on being a vet.
Tomorrow I ride in Fulshear with Ken and Gene. It was nice riding the Rans V2 again, but I miss my Seavo already.